Register the location of your personal security camera(s) so IMPD can get in contact with you in the event a crime or incident occurs in your area.


Provide IMPD’s Incident Analysis Center (IAC) live stream access to your business security camera(s).

spring 2023 grant

Apply today to access up to $2500 to install and link your businesses security cameras to enhance public safety across Indianapolis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is b-link?

The b-link program is a multi-faceted approach that utilizes technology to help IMPD enhance public safety. Whether you register the location of your personal security cameras, provide IMPD live stream video access to your business security cameras or adopt-a-block in a neighborhood you love – you are part of the solution to public safety issues our community faces.

Are b-link cameras monitored?

This is NOT a monitoring service.  Cameras registered through b-link indy or b-link pro will not be monitored by IMPD.  You are simply providing location information or live stream access for IMPD’s Incident Analysis Center.  Access to your video can help in the event that a crime or incident occurs in proximity to your location.

How much does it cost?

The b-link indy program is free and available to any person in Indianapolis or Central Indiana.  

If your current cameras are not b-link compatible, participation in b-link pro may involve installation costs.  In addition, a $20 per camera per month fee will be required to maintain a cloud-based connection and provide priority service maintenance for b-link pro cameras.  That fee will be paid directly to one of the b-link certified integrators or installers.